We encourage young people in situation of

The program Trilheiros do Saber aims to provide pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical accompaniment in order to develop skills in an environment that offers new learning situations and contributes to the development and maturation of these adolescents, giving them the opportunity to acquire socio-cultural knowledge, revise their experiences and worldviews and reposition themselves in terms of their social and professional integration.

To participate in the program Trilheiros do Saber 2020

Accompaniment of 10 to 15 year olds living in situations of deprivation under state guardianship and young people in situations of high social vulnerability living in the southern zone of São Paulo.

Specific objectives

Develop mechanisms that help young people to shape their own life projects.
To encourage young people to continue their education in order to make their life projects sustainable.
Encourage exchanges between the participating young people and educators and young people from other institutional and geographical backgrounds in order to share experiences and knowledge about different educational opportunities
to promote learning processes that enable young people to make relevant experiences and develop social and cognitive independency

Permanent program, launched in March 2017

And to continue this program, we need everyone’s help!

Audiovisual reports of the program Trilheiros do Saber

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